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[pct-l] Sea to Sea trail

 The Sea to Sea trail offers much more on par with a PCT or CDT hike than the 
American Discovery Trail. The Sea to Sea trail is basicly finished with only 
a few 30 mile here and there spots  the hike between trails already built. 
What it needs is a few people to hike it so it can get Federal Funding like 
the triple crown trails. 6,500 miles in one year may have been impractical a 
few years ago, but with Brian doing a 7,400 hike, the Sea to Sea 
Transcontinental is possible. This promises to be a mostly wilderness trip 
that sees the Cascades, Rockies and Appalachian Mts. in a West East route.  
Food for the trip?? Anything with calories, and lots of them will work!!!