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Re: [pct-l] Non-stick pots

On Wed, 31 Mar 1999, Beth Murdock wrote:

> This may be an old, overworked topic, but last year when we were getting 
> ready for our PCT hike I took my postal scale to REI and found that there 
> was no difference in weight between aluminum and titanium.  Our old, 
> beat-up titanium pot weighs 212 grams including its lid and its added 
> outer coating of black stove paint.  Our older aluminum pot has been 
> retired.  

the big advantage of titanium pots over aluminum -- to me, at least --
isn't their lower weight, but that they are much stronger and easier to

i find my titanium pots are almost like non-stick pots in the ease with
which they are cleaned. unlike non-stick, however, you don't have to
worry about scratching the coating.  

my aluminum pots got dented, scrtached, and out of shape.  this made them
pick up food more easily and made them harder to clean.  and it was a
chore to get the top on, because it and the pot were so distorted.

i recall that my titanium pot was a little lighter than the same size
aluminum pot, but i wouldn't swear to it.  but the difference wasn't


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