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Re: [pct-l] Bears / Cantainers / Sierras

In a message dated 3/26/99 10:01:04 AM Pacific Standard Time, brownell@gte.net

<< What is this year's concenses regarding Bear Proof Food Containers and
 carrying them in the Sierras?
     - Should one carry the heavy thing and store the food in it at night?
     - Should one sleep with the food (dumb?)?
     - Cook and eat dinner prior to camp?
     - Not worry about this? >>

If you get through Yosemite before July 1, well executed counter-balancing may
work, particularly if you use stealth camping techniques.  Cubs are not as
savvy.  I would never sleep with my food, but that's me.  There have been many
impassioned strings on the subject you can find in the archives.  Sometimes
more heat than light, however.  Bob
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