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[pct-l] Thru Hiker Encounters

Brick Robbins wrote: 
> I was out on the PCT today for the Smuggler's 50Miler, 
>and ran into two thru-hikers. (I wasn't running the race 
>because I got the flu last week and am still recovering). 
> The first was 

     Hey Brick, nice of you to put in a plug for your old 
marathoner pal goforth, but why make Tim Meyers look like
a loser for comparison? He's on the trail right now where he
 can't defend himself. If he's having a hard time like you 
said he doesn't need the extra embarassment to 
 know you were telling everybody about his mistakes and 
 crappy emotional state. 
     Isn't there a kinder way of asking people to send him 
goodwill thoughts? I saw you couldn't resist taking a
 swipe at your old nemesis Jardine and weekend hikers too.:(
Some of us have jobs that make it hard for us to hike long 
trips all the time, but at least we hike.
    Why don't we wish sucess to all the Thruhikers in 
public and leave the digs and condescending for private? I 
tried to send this to your address but it bounced.

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