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Re: [pct-l] Thru Hiker Encounters

Just wanted to say that my interpretation of Brick's post was very
different from Bob's. Neither one of us right or wrong, just different.
I find Brick's post and request for mail compassionate and supportive
and didn't notice any digs. I would hope that someone who found me in
that same emotional place would make the same request. I am sending
psychic energy to both Joanne and Tim and wish them both a journey that
is rich with lessons, however long it is.

Enjoy the day.

Namaste, m

>      Hey Brick, nice of you to put in a plug for your old
> marathoner pal goforth, but why make Tim Meyers look like
> a loser for comparison? He's on the trail right now where he
>  can't defend himself. If he's having a hard time like you
> said he doesn't need the extra embarassment to
>  know you were telling everybody about his mistakes and
>  crappy emotional state.
>      Isn't there a kinder way of asking people to send him
> goodwill thoughts? I saw you couldn't resist taking a
>  swipe at your old nemesis Jardine and weekend hikers too.:(
> Some of us have jobs that make it hard for us to hike long
> trips all the time, but at least we hike.
>     Why don't we wish sucess to all the Thruhikers in
> public and leave the digs and condescending for private? I
> tried to send this to your address but it bounced.
>      Mac
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