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[pct-l] North -> South

> From: Kristian Whitsett <Kristian.Whitsett@oberlin.edu>

>         Anyway, what I am really writing about is to ask the list once
> again what their thoughts are on a North-South hike.  I am stuck in
> college until mid-late May and can't really get around that.  I am taking

Are you very experienced in snow travel with no trail to be found, for
days at a time? If so, it could be an fantastic trip. My guidebook, "100
hikes in the North Cascades" by Spring and Manning, says the PCT is
hikable Aug thru Sept. This year our snowpack is 50% higher than normal,
so it may add a week or three if we don't get hit by a big rainstorm to
melt it off. June sounds early for those not used to cross-country skills,
excellent map/compass/altimeter skills, and equipped with USGS 7.5' maps.

By June, the snow may be consolidated enough that skis or snowshoes aren't
totally necessary. Then again, it could be mighty soft in places. Skis may
fit the bill. A trip like that would be incredible, though!

I'm not trying to discourage, but only point out some realities. It is
probably that you'd get to Rainy Pass before it is plowed, for instance.
Just my 2 scents...

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