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[pct-l] Half bags

Howdy listers,
This past year, I bought a North Face polarguard coat (I forget the name
and it's not written on the coat) that has impressed me.  As I already
have an ultralight down bag (a  Blue Kazoo), I'm thinking that I'd like
to try to find a synthetic fill half bag to try out with this jacket.  I
did a couple of late fall and early spring hike/climbs with a buddy that
used one and it was handy having a warm coat to wear around camp (I sat
in my sleeping bag or shivered).  I mostly use a bivy sac now instead of
a tent.  For those that have problems with condesation in a bivy sac, I
use a vapor barrier liner during cold weather.  I only pull it up to my
chest as I like to have my hands free so this would work with the jacket
too.   Thanx in advance.
        Jeff Jones

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