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[pct-l] Margerine--food??

I know that this ain't a purist bunch.  Nevertheless, you may want to 
check out an informed opinion about margerine:

Olive oil seems like a healthy alternative.


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>On Sun, 13 Sep 1998 sjkw3213@oberlin.edu wrote:
>>         My name is Kristian.  I was on this list a while ago and am 
just now
>> returning.  I am planning on hiking the PCT North to South this 
>> summer.  I am doing it North to SOuth primarily because I am a 
sophomore at
>> Oberlin college and have to wait till school gets out in late May.
>Welcome to the list. Southbound? Isn't that some kind of crime against
>nature. I mean, if God and Shaeffer had wanted hikers to go southbound
>then the sun would be in the north and the guide books would have been
>written differently. Just kidding... There's nothing wrong with going
>southbound. You're just likely to be a little lonely.
>> I have
>> done a fair amount of research and have most of the gear, but need 
some help
>> on the food issue.  Could some veteran hikers send me a rough grocery 
>> I know corn past is supposed to be amazing, but what else? 
>Success with corn pasta seems very subjective. Some folks agree with
>Jardine while others find it awful, pasty junk. Try it at home and
>make up your own mind before filling all your supply boxes with it. 
>The biggest problem most thru-hikers have is getting enough food. Plan
>on huge portions. When you're thinking, "There's no way in hell I'll
>eat this much food." you're getting close. So when in doubt, add more.
>Couscous works pretty good although you're likely to get tired of it.
>For me, Mac&Cheese worked great. Don't ask my why but I never got
>tired of it. Near then end when I was sick of most of my meals,
>Mac&Cheese would always work as a substitute. Also, it's available
>everywhere on the trail. I found a jambalaya mix that was easy to
>make. Unfortunately, I can't remember the brand name. It was right
>next to the Couscous in Luckys. Seasoned mash potatoes work pretty
>good to supplement other meals. 
>Olive oil has 200 calories/ounce which is higher than any other food
>I've found. I add some to just about all my dinners.
>> I am also
>> interested in the hot breakfast vs.. cold breakfast argument, etc. 
>I went half and half with my breakfasts. Some mornings, I wanted warm
>food where others I didn't have the cognative powers to operate my
>stove. I especially liked granola cereal premixed with powdered milk.
>Then all I had to do was add water on those semi-conscious mornings.
>And I know they're junk food but pop tarts have lots of calories and
>taste good.
>Speaking of junk food, there's no such thing on the trail as junk
>food. All calories are good. For my future hikes, I'm going to bring
>a lot more snack foods along. Ritz bits, Combos, granola bars, Kudos,
>Rice Krispy Treats...
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