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Re: [pct-l] Margerine--food??

Peter Haskell wrote:
> I know that this ain't a purist bunch.  Nevertheless, you may want to
> check out an informed opinion about margerine:
>             http://cgi.pathfinder.com/@@oq@R6AYAmC4FGj3W/drweil/
> Olive oil seems like a healthy alternative.

Peter - 
I know a lot of people who started a thruhike intending to eat
"healthy". But after 3 or 4 months on the trail, I can't think of any of
them who cared about anything other than "calories". There may have been
a few who still cared - but I didn't know them. I wouldn't argue about
margarine or olive oil - whatever turns your crank - or maybe, whichever
one you can stand for 4 to 6 months. :-)

Seriously - oil, margarine, whatever - its a good idea and which one you
use at any given part of the trail may depend on which one you can find
in the grocery stores. If you care enough to include something specific
as part of your mail drops then you won't have to play the "find the
squeeze margarine" game that Weathercarrot played. But it will make your
mail drops heavier - and more expensive to mail. Tradeoffs -- always

Walk softly,
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