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Re: [pct-l] Calories--Joy of Web

Brooks Hull wrote:
> When I have mentioned to local backpackers the idea of carrying
> oil/butter as an efficient source of calories, I have been laughed at
> or dismissed as nuts.  I was nervous about mentioning it on this
> list.

Brooks - 
This may not be as helpful as what others have written - depending on
how strong your stomach is. :-)  You're not crazy - one of the tricks on
a long trail is a "thruhikers shooter"  --- a straight shot out of a
squeeze margarine bottle into your mouth.  It not only gives you an
energy boost, but also lightens your pack weight.  Most of us, though,
just use it as an addition to our cookpots.  One of the things the
Weathercarrot recently complained about was that he couldn't find any
squeeze margarine in Cascade Locks. 

Walk softly,
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