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Re: [pct-l] introductions

Karl Brandt wrote:
> Speaking of junk food, there's no such thing on the trail as junk
> food. All calories are good. For my future hikes, I'm going to bring
> a lot more snack foods along. Ritz bits, Combos, granola bars, Kudos,
> Rice Krispy Treats...
You're right - breakfast and dinner are just to fill the hole, anything
will do. Snack foods are what keep your diet interesting, and keep you
hiking.  Unfortunately, they are also heaviest. So if I go for enough
snack food to make me happy (cookies and snickers bars and nuts) my food
bag is too heavy. If I go for just enough to get by - I find myself
thinking about food all the time, and stuffing myself in towns. Of
course, on a long hike, I guess I do that anyway.


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