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Re: [pct-l] resend msg

At 08:03 AM 9/7/98 -0500, you wrote:
>Please put personal bickering aside and get back to 
>HELPING others!  

Hear! Hear!

>For those of you with information 
>on '98 PCT hikers 
>whereabouts and experiences please get on line and give us 
>your news, this 
>is why we come here.  Walt and I are wanting to know how 
>the following are 
>doing; . . . Martina and Brian, 

Martina and Brian flip flopped after reaching the Kernville area and
started hiking south from the Canadian border.  All has been excellent
except for a little snow initially and for a bad case of Giardia that took
Martina down for about a week near Mt. Hood, Oregon.  

They reported a few days ago from Sierra City headed south at about 25
miles per day, expecting to be in the Echo Lakes area around Sept. 12-13.
They are trying to catch Brian Sweet but realize they have little or no
chance since he is about a week ahead and moving at a faster pace.

BTW, I was in the southern Sierra's at Kennedy Meadows this last weekend.
The weather was strange, rain, thunder and lightning, moderate
temperatures.  I stopped in to speak with the owner/operator of the Kennedy
Meadows store and thanked him for his service and help to all of the thru
and section hikers.  He said that he got a kick out of hearing the stories
and from people who had finished the trail.  

THRU HIKERS, TAKE A HINT HERE!  Please put a number of post cards into your
last box of the hike and send them to all of the people who own these mail
locations to give them a short story or two and tell them that you made it
in part due to their contributions.  IT WILL MAKE THEIR DAY AND INSURE THE
YEARS.  These people provide room and labor to store the hundreds of
packages that PCTers send every year.  Let's insure that they will be
willing and positive sources in the years to come!


Greg "Strider" Hummel
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