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Re: [pct-l] Trip Report --Not the PCT

Tom Reynolds wrote,
>We leave tomorrow on the High Sierra Trail. I have three tenderfeet with
me. The adult is a 50 year old man in reasonable shape. Unfortunately, he is
a Pollyanna type. Everything is going to be OK. The girl is 15 and looks
frail. The girl has a deep cough. Her mom, a nurse, instructs her to take a
single dose of antibiotics. Everything I know about antibiotics says this is
wrong. I keep my mouth shut. Only the boy, a 19 year old Eagle Scout.  Looks
> I must be mad!"

Ok Tom, my question is "Where did the group come from and how did you end up
as the leader?"  I enjoyed the story and even though it wounds like you had
a great time, the mix of people was VERY interesting.  Not a group that I
would pick!

John Vonhof
author: FIXING YOUR FEET: Preventive Maintenance and Treatments for Foot
Problems of Runners, Hikers, and Adventure Racers
web site: http://www.footworkpub.com (check out the book here)

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