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Re: [pct-l] canisters

In a message dated 9/4/98 2:18:26 PM Pacific Daylight Time,
dencisco@rotorwiz.arc.nasa.gov writes:

<< I really don't think this sort of ... argument needs to continue to dribble
beyond it's relevant and valid points and into the realm self esteems, but
then again I lost interest long ago.>>

I'm with you, Dave. Once all the opposing opinions are laid on the table, what
else is there to say? What is really to be gained by all the personal attacks
on other List subscribers? 

<< So, has anyone been hiking PCT lately? >>

From the single-subject discussion on this list recently, I'd say, "No, we
don't have time for hiking."

But I, for one, intend to make time. Come Tuesday, I'm heading back out to
walk a few more miles before the snows come again (i.e., take Brick's advice
and resume "Hiking my own hike").


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