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[pct-l] canisters and cell phones

>This bill takes the position that there is nothing more
>important than a good connection on one's cell phone - not even
>preserving the wilderness and natural qualities of our public lands.

I hear the NP Service, BLM and the Forest Service will make it
absolutely mandatory that all backpackers carry a cell phone with them
at all times. Phone numbers will be left at the district ranger
station who will phone you to review your route option for the
following day.  They will give you permission to continue and they
reserve the right to reroute you for your own safety. Your new
coordinates will be given to you and you must make the adjustments to
your GPS (required). The NP Service, BLM and the Forest Service have
agreed that man (and women) has to be protected from his ignorant
shortcomings. A tribunal of more enlighten individuals will be
assigned to each "case" as soon as the individual enters into the
wilderness. Bear canisters, solar showers and enough clean underwear
to last the entire trip will also be required and checked upon
entry. There's a discussion going on regarding metal detectors but
they're afraid that too many people will be held at the check point
for telescope fishing rods and reels.

Completely in jest and my only comment on bear cannisters...move on!

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