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Re: [pct-l] manners

I'm weary of all this bear talk. Why don't you guys do what I do? Sew a liner
into your Moonstone Windstopper jacket, and just keep all your food tucked in
real close to your body at night, especially your smoked salmon fillets. Then
if a bear comes around, you don't have to worry about him getting into some
funky bear canister, do you? If it's a really an obnoxious grizzly, or even a
polar bear, well, you have to be firm with those guys. Shake your finger at him
and and say "Sit! Sit!" real loud. Then, if he behaves, you can hand feed him a
salmon fillet and then tell him to go home. If he doesn't behave, well, then
don't give him any food. It's up to us campers to teach them manners after all.
I think bear misbehavior all has to do with cubhood trauma anyway...

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