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Re: [pct-l] manners

On Wed, 02 Sep 1998 23:55:41 -0400 Owen <jrowen@ibm.net> writes [to Tom
>We both know about weekend and "vacation" hiking because we've both 
>done it, although I haven't been in the Sierras - and you haven't been 
>where I've been.

  Holy Canoli, J. Owen! You mean you've been dragging out this
blankety-blank flame-war on food-storage in Sierra bear country and
you've never even BEEN there? I guess that explains why you keep trying
to talk about engineering, thruhiking, and the East Coast <G> Talk about
walking-the-walk, jeez....
   It feel odd to rush to the defense of somebody I've publicly quabbled
with, but: I'm kinda curious to know what makes you assume Tom R./any of
us has "never been"  to any of the places you have (there's nothing
particularly esoteric about any of your trip reports, for instance), not
that it matters of course. You have the oddest habit of saying you are
privy to all kinds of personal information about people who disagree with
you; your latest couple of e-mails to me referring to "the clothes [I]
wear" my friends, leisure activities, and how I make a living made you
sound like you were STALKING me, for goshsakes - until you shared your
"dossier" , and I realized you were either confusing me with someone else
or making the whole thing up, phew! As a female especially, all this
personal-stuff gives me the heebie-jeebies; the rest is getting to be a
bore (my opinion only, naturally...).
    Would you do me one small courtesy, please? Send me creepy private
mails if you must, but DON'T carbon-copy to me all your posts to various
lists and private mails to other people. You must admit you're even more
long-winded than I am <G>, and my mailbox is being stuffed regularly with
jrowen@ mail most of which is duplicate and not even written to me! I'd
appreciate it, thanks,        bj

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