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[pct-l] AT/PCT Comparison

While there are lots of physical differences, like  high altitude (PCT) and steep climbs (AT), I think the buggest difference you will find is a social/emotional difference, that is not documented in any books. The shelters on the AT not only provide shelter, but also serve as a meeting area for back packers.  Even through I hiked the AT 31 years ago, there were less than 6 nights that I can recall spending them alone. Over the past three years I've been hiking sections of the PCT and spending nights in a lone camp is the norm. This isn't just in "unpopular" sections. Last year I crossed Yosemite and only saw one or two back packing groups each day north of Toloume. The first 10 days of this moth, I hiked the JMT from near Reds Meadow to Bishop Pass and all but two nights, were spent solo.