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[pct-l] RE: GIS for PCT

There is an interesting site at geodata.gov.  If you select the National
Map image on the home page it takes you to the USGS National Map.  This
includes shaded relief, place names, hydrography, etc, for the entire
US.  Select the zoom tool and you can zoom in pretty far.  You can also
use the site to discover other data that may be registered to the site
and some data can be downloaded.

There are lots of ways GIS could provide "interesting" information to
support a hike.  Various extensions to ArcGIS allow you to create 3D
views, perspectives, you can do fly-throughs from ground level, etc.
Much much more than just a planimetric map.  Whether or not these would
be useful or not is another question.  Steep price for the software and
lots of work.  Great fun, but if your goal is simply to plan a hike in
the most efficient way, there are easier ways.

I've worked at ESRI for 25 years and am the manager of their consulting
practice.  I've got access to all the software and tons of data.  What
do I use for planning - TOPO!


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Try the software. It has full gps coordinates for the whole trail.

MoreThanAMile Publications
by Ken Roberts
E-mail: Support@MoreThanAMile.com

      GPS Shareware (to upload waypoints to a GPS)
      Included in the CD-ROM discs are are waypoint files (*.wpt) for
section of the Pacific Crest Trail created with the WindowsR GPS
OziExplorer. These waypoint files consist of over 1,300 waypoints along
entire PCT at trail junctions, trail heads, water, passes, and other
locations. The Waypoints are labeled using trail mileage values. The
maps have many of these mileage waypoints indicated on the maps.
software available from the Internet is required to upload these
to your GPS.

      The following Internet links are the home pages of GPS shareware
available on the Internet.
      OziExplorer http://www.oziexplorer.com/
      GARtrip http://www.gartrip.de/

      Example Waypoint File: (1 of 22, Campo to Idyllwild) pct0001.wpt
(right click-save as)