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[pct-l] Chester, CA Re-supply?

Yes, we resupplied there in 2000. Both Belden and Sierra City were marginal
as far as food supplies were concerned. We decided to go into Chester, shop,
eat and come back out the same afternoon. Chester had a nice grocery and a
pizza place about a block away. We didn't look for a PO or motel. I think we
saw a laundramat, but can't be sure.

We had an interesting hitch both ways. Prattville Bill picked up 4 of us in
his small pickup. He was 80+ years old and had been out chopping wood. The
back of his pickup was loaded with wood, a large chainsaw, and fuel. We
loaded four backpacks and 2 hikers in the back on top of the wood. Marcia
and I got the front seat and chatted with Bill. He tended to look you in the
eye when talking to you. Pretty scary when driving along a 2 lane highway. I
kept looking down the white line that marked the shoulder of the road.

On the way out of town we were picked up by an empty rental truck. Not a
puny, small truck - a big one! We loaded our backpacks in the empty back.
The driver was moving to the area and knew all about the PCT and the hikers.
He knew exactly where we wanted to be dropped off before he even stopped for

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> Anyone re-supply there? Store? Mail?
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