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[pct-l] Re: Half way Break?

Dunsmuir-Castella is close by to Mount Shasta (beautiful) and Amtrak goes to 
Dunsmuir as well. Or for more convenience take Amtrak or fly into Redding 
and rent a car. The Mount Shasta, Mcloud area is 45 min north of Redding


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>Date: Tue,  2 Dec 2003 09:28:10 +0100
>The easiest way for her is to rent a car. Public transport in the US is
>very difficult, although California is not that poor.
>We joined a friend of us for a couple of weeks and did the following:
>There is a good bus-train connection right to Yosemite from San
>Francisco/San Jose (takes about 4 hours) The service is run by Amtrak (look
>at their site). It is a very pleasant area to meet up and absolutely not a
>punishment if one of you has to wait a few days. From there we walked with
>her for 10 days up to Lake Tahoe and got a ride back to San Jose form a
>fellow hiker.
>Snel en voordelig ADSL nu voor iedereen bereikbaar.
>Zon Breedband Budget voor EUR 14,95 per maand.
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