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> And it goes to show how futile it is to 
place fire restrictions on campers 

According to the guidebook and the campground bulletin boards, campers 
(including a PCT hiker) caused at least a couple of the fires in the Kennedy
Meadows stretch, including the Manter burn if I recall correctly.    
Although forests at the boundary of the desert are
particularly prone to burn eventually - I'd hate to be living on Mt San
Jacinto this fall - there are better and worse times to burn, so it behooves
hikers to be extra careful too this year.    Then we can hope that the 
Forest Service and BLM will be able to do controlled burns this winter
and spring in the worst areas to avoid a catastrophe if the drought continues
next year.

Naturally the people who have an interest in building roads and logging 
see the solution as more roads and logging, despite all the contrary evidence.