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[pct-l] Down Sleeping Bags

In a message dated 6/27/02 9:03:51 AM, sturner72@yahoo.com writes:

I'm planning to thru-hike the PCT in 2003 and am seeking advice on a down 
sleeping bag.  I'm 5'2" and am looking at the Northface Blue Igloo and Sierra 
Design Prism.  Any feedback on these two bags or suggestions on another bag.  
Since this is my first major hike I am trying to keep my gear within the 
12-14 range (I'm not ready for ultralight).

I'm strongly considering buying a Feathered Friends 20* Hummingbird which is 
supposed to weigh only 27 - 29 Oz's for a regular size - knock off a couple 
of oz's for a small size. It is pricey -- 250 to 330 depending on your chosen 
options, including 800 down vs 650 for most other bags. My current 20+ year 
old Sierra Designs bag weighs 38 oz's, so is $30 per ounce  saved a good 
deal?? But then, I'd spend $150 for a new bag the same weight anyway , so 
really it's only $15 per ounce saved. Much better than $15 per ounce gained!  
  I'm happy with my Kelty Flight pack now that it has performed well in both 
the heat of the Grand Canyon and the struggle on Rainier. It's a well thought 
out design, especially the way the entire pack can be disassembled.