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[pct-l] Kennedy Meadows

Hi there PCT'er's!

Just responding to the list that I have arranged my ride to KM.
Thanks for all the offers. Back on the trail 6/30.

See you in Manning,
Kim and Pam

Kim Owen, Senior Applications Engineer
Mentor Graphics Corp.
(503) 685-1553        kim_owen@mentor.com
PCT-L mailing list

Hellooo PCT'ers!

First of all, a thousand Thank You's! to all the ADZPCTKO organizers
and trail angels that have have helped us (Kim and Pam) for our 2002
thru hike attempt.

Unfortunately I had to pull off the trail and return to Portland, OR 
for medical treatment a short while ago. I hope to complete my recovery
and get back on the trail at Kennedy Meadows (Inyokern), appx June 27-30.

Pam and I are trying to figure out how to get back to the trail head
at KM. We can fly to either Burbank or LAX from Portland OR, and then 
use Metrolink to get as far as Lancaster. Does any one happen to be headed to KM about that time, and can give us ride? Any advice would be welcome, too.

You can reach me directly via email kim_owen@mentor.com, or via

BTW, we are PCT caretakers in the Timberline Lodge/Ramona Falls
leg of the trail. The snow level there is about 3500-4000 feet
in general, and lower on the northern slopes. Maintenance on 
portions is going to be late this year due the heavy snowfall and 
slow melt off. Should make for a good flower show by the time
the thru hikers arrive in the area.