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[pct-l] Kennedy Meadows

I dropped into Kennedy Meadows Friday.  I gave some thru and section hikers 
some Pringles cans.  They really liked that trail magic.  The register at the 
store mentioned many times how glad everyone was to be through the desert.  
My impression is that you don't see too many overweight thru-hikers at 
Kennedy Meadows.  Everyone is trail harden and with that look in their eyes.

  I think I will head in there with several cases of Pringles next year 
around mid month.  The store guy said this year he had more resupply boxes 
stored than any other year.  Lots of hikers.  He also said that the Grumpy 
Bear restaurant had a shuttle going to the campground when the big wave of 
hikers hit the last few weeks.  That's kind of neat.  The restaurant is just 
a quarter mile farther down the road from the store.

Anyway, an interesting first trip to Kennedy Meadows.  Happy trails, 

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