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[pct-l] Mt. Judah Loop at Roller Pass (4 mi south of Old US40)

Hiked the Mt. Judah loop today with a group of friends.  Some snow =
coverage on both the PCT and the loop but no big problems.  I highly =
recommend that hikers consider the Mt. Judah Loop option rather than =
walking the PCT thru the Sugar Bowl Ski Area.  Perhaps a mile further =
and some climb but the very best of 360 degree views.  About 1/8 mile =
north of Roller Pass, follow the sign to your right to the Mt. Judah =
Loop.  It will deposit you back on the PCT about 2 1/2 miles north, a =
mile and a half before Old US40.  Here are some pics we took of a =
climber at Donner Peak, a short side walk from the Mt. Judah Loop.  =

Walk in Love.

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