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[pct-l] Report from Pooh Corner - Old US40

Haulin' oats, Donk and True North rolled into Pooh Corner this =
afternoon. Molly met us at the trail head parking lot and we immediately =
felt like family. This is THE stop in the Central California section of =
the PCT. Leaving Echo Lake as of June 18, the alternate route (Mosquito =
Pass) is more passable than Dick's Pass. The approach to Aloha Lake not =
difficult, but lots of snow under foot, as is the case with each pass =
north into Donner. Occasional icy patches early in the morning. An ice =
ax isn't necessary but helpful above 8,000 feet. The chocolate shakes =
are excellent at Tahoe. Will report on the same from Sierra City, =
Belden, Old Station...=20
Donk still hasn't seen a bear and doubts they exist (but what the hell =
do Australians know?). He also doubts the existance of Racoons. True =
North says you don't dare miss the Benson Seirra Club hut just below =
Anderson Peak. A true of love. Thanks!

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