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[pct-l] RE: What a Differnence a Year Makes....Houston

Dude and Listers,

Great post about the database management meeting being
interrupted by internal trail dreamings....that
happens to me on just about every day in just about
every imagination-numbing meeting.  And I'm left to
wonder (or is it wander?) whether I'm nuts or just
missing my true calling (thru-hiking).  I can't get
the trail stuff out of my head.  It haunts me.

Regarding Houston, I do definately agree that it is
not the ideal place for any hiker to reside.  However,
there are actually several nice trails within an hour
or two of town, and none of them are paved.  The Lone
Star Trail (LST) is a National Scenic Trail with as
much legitimacy as the PCT or AT.  It's just shorter:
only 100 miles or so.  Well-blazed, some shelters,
remote and isolated, a few small ups and downs,
beautiful woods and creeks with clear water (imagine
that!).  I can email you a list of a number of trails
around here, some of which I even venture on to during
the summer.  Keeps me in desert hiking condition for
that next PCT foray.....

Just let me know if you want more info (I also have
hiked all over the state in just about every corner of
it and been on the OT in Arkansas).  And trust me, the
LST is really cool.  I have hiked about half of it and
plan to finish sectioning it this winter...and I've
been on trails in 40 states, done the whole AT and 700
miles of the PCT, so I'm not just saying this because
I'm a native and never been out of town.  Houston is
not perfect, but you do have some hiking options real
close to town.

Still, I'm dreaming of the day I move to ______
(insert Colorado, New Hampshire, Oregon, Washington,
Idaho, etc.).

AT'98, LT'00, 1/3PCT'00, native Houstonian

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