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[pct-l] crack postal crew

Stopped by the post office today
to mail my resupply boxes and boy,
what a chore !!!  It took 1/2 hour
for the nice old lady to thumb through
the postal regulations to verify that
my gas cannisters were INDEED legal
to mail.  At one point, all 3 clerks
and the postmaster were involved.
I tried to tell here all you need is
"ORM-D" and "GROUND MAIL ONLY" clearly
written on the outside, but she had to
find it herself, even if it was going to
take all day !!!  And of course, a nice
group terrorism discussion was triggered
as well.  "They just landed on the beach
up the coast, you know."  "We'd all be
in alot of trouble if these cannisters
ended up on an airplane, you know"
Luckily, when asked to provide documentation=20
as to the type of cannisters I was mailing,=20
she accepted a visual example, which I=20
luckily had an extra in my truck.  At long last,
16 pounds of food, gas and repellent are on
their way to Muir Trail Ranch !!!

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