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[pct-l] Regarding some questions

At 11:29 PM 6/12/02 -0700, Christine Kudija wrote:

>Anybody care to comment on the attachment problem?

We had a similar incident over on AT-L recently.  Here is the jist
of what we learned.
OE has the habit of adding any address to which an e-mail has been sent
to it's address book.  Someone on the list received this virus which is 
a worm, I believe.
It has the ability to spoof  the "from" address, selecting a name at random 
the infected machines address book and then sending itself to all the
other names.  It  is particularly nasty, in that you do not need
to open the attachment to become infected.  If I understand correctly,
it can be activated simply by reading or previewing the email.
It didn't come from Christine or from the list .  The backcounty servers
do strip out all non text attachments.    I didn't get a copy of it
so I can't check the header to see if there is any clue there as to actually
is infected (and please, no one send me a copy<g>) but someone either
currently or previously on the list is infected.  On AT-L, it claimed to be
from a member who has been no-mail for about 8 months.

If you have anti virus, update and run a complete scan.  If you don't
have anti virus, grisoft.com has a free program or someone recommended
as another way to check your machine.

As usual, Mac users, and PC's using Eudora or Netscape as their email
programs seem to be safe.  But anyone with OE better get checked out.