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[pct-l] PCT Volunteer Project- July '02

For any interested trail volunteers here is a recent message from the 
infamous Pete Fish for a southern CA project in July - Section B.
Tom Marshall
Fallbrook, CA

Subj:   920. Fuller Ridge PCT Project   
Date:   6/8/2002 2:56:52 PM Pacific Daylight Time   
From:   <A HREF="mailto:pickaxep@pcez.com";>pickaxep@pcez.com</A>   


We have a project coming up Jul 5 - Jul 14, actually a
combination of two projects.  Jul 5 - 8 will be brushing for
USFS on the Desert Divide in the Garner Valley area,
probably from the Sloan Ranch property now owned by the
USFS and working south towards Penrod Canyon.  George Boone
thinks he can bring 2 pack animals for this, but an
additional packer would be welcome.  Car (4WD) camp, riding
stock in from Goff Flat due to rough road.  Leave trailers
at Goff Flat.  Meet Friday Jul 5 at 10 am at Goff Flat.

On Jul 8 we will move north past Idyllwild to work for the
State Park and need 2 or 3 packers (4 pack animals).
Car/tent camp near the
Black Mountain PCT trailhead.  We expect to have 2 Griphoist
teams to align some very large boulders and to do some
rockwork to try to bring this section of the trail up to
snuff.  Fuller Ridge is dangerous for stock (and not good
for hikers for that matter) as it is now.  Geo. B. , Tom M.,
and Ben Y. are very familiar with this part of the PCT.  For
anyone who has not ridden over this part of the trail my
suggestion would be to have a good look on foot before
taking your own stock in. Car/tent camp, trailers OK, Water
is available at the Black Mtn Group camp close by.

The Griphoists, because of their weight, need packers who
are familiar with them so this is a good chance to
work with this equipment.  Contact Pete Fish if you are
interested and I will keep you in the loop as plans mature.


J.L. (Pete) Fish
PCTA Regional Trail Coordinator
409 La Salle Ave.
Ventura, CA  93003

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