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[pct-l] My progress in Central and Northern CA

I am in the Library Dunsmuir CA they have given me 5 mins.
I restarted my hike at Sierre City, just North of Donner Pass, I-80.
I have reached Castella, Dunsmuir I5
I got lost a few times in a few spots of heavy snow. should have brought a contour map instead of my AAA map. Snow is hard and have only sunk through a few times. Saw 5 bears yesterday near Grizzly peak, brown bears. I adult, I yearling and one family of mom and two cubs.
Will try the area west of I 5 after day of rest unless ranger talks me out of it. 
Last days of trail very rough and un kept up have been removing logs and debris.
library closing
bye , Satellite, Frank

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