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[pct-l] Re: Water Cache Advice

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> Don C wrote 28 May 2002:
> > Are there any tricks for caching water?  Are there container types that 
> should not be used, do you seal the containers in any way, do you put 
> anything in the water, should it be stored in shade, how long can water 
> stay at a cache, etc.
> >
> > Thanks


Having packed and cached hundreds of gallons of water on our pack mules for 
PCT trail projects I would agree with the recent common sense advice and 
offer  the following additions. 

1- Always buy the clear plastic pre-packaged water containers. This plastic 
is a higher quality than the cloudy/white plastic. The white plastic will 
taint the water with a horrible chemical taste sooner or later.
2- If possible bury the containers for 100% UV protection and as a barrier 
against varmits. On one occasion  (in Anza Borrego Desert State Park) my 
plastic lids were chewed by critters but fortunately they drank there share 
and left us plenty.

Good luck and don't forget to "pay back the trail" with some volunteer 
Tom Marshall
Fallbrook, CA

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