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[pct-l] Bear canisters

Ursacks - if I remember rightly from last year's thread, the Ursack - =
all versions - failed for a couple of reasons. You have to tie them down =
because they can be carried away, this gives the bear some leverage. =
Enough tugging and pulling and one or two things happen: first the bear =
turns your food into mush that could be squeezed out like toothpaste. 2) =
with enough effort, possibly after a succession of attempts, eventually =
a seam breaks down and your mush is disposed of for you by the animal, =
who also eats all the foil, paper and plastic incorporated into the =
mess. I hear you have to hose all the drool off also.

Bought a bear canister a month ago for a piece of the JMT in a few =
$69 from http:\\backcountry-equipment.com=20
They also offer a bag that may be strapped on the outside of a pack =
anywhere handy, appears to have some rings, straps, attachment points - =
costs $18 but I think you could make your own easily enough.

Here's how much a garcia canister weighs. Take an ordinary gallon milk =
jug. fill it with 2.25 inches of water. Yes, the #^$^$^@* things are =
bulky. It doesn't fit too well in the main compartment of an external =
frame pack either.=20

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