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[pct-l] sierra snow status -- real information

Monica and Nancy traversed Forrester Pass on June 7. They reported lots of
snow. It was hard work and lots of postholing but they made it. The snow
petered out by center basin and Kearsarge Pass is clear.

Monica and Nancy dropped out for resupply over Kearsarge Pass but many did
not. About 30 hikers were in front of them. Hikers should hit VVR by next
Wednesday, Thursday.

VVR is open and under new management. At least it was on Memorial Day.

In terns of prediction of snow in the Sierra, the conditions during the
second week of June 2002 are about what Brian Robinson reported for the last
week of May 2001, maybe a little easier. I would still wait but Greg would
be out there having a good time with his ice axe. I am going Scuba diving in
Cozumel instead.