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[pct-l] global warming???

At 11:31 AM 6/4/02, JoAnn M Michael wrote:
>You realize of course, that if only those lustrous scientists (?) had been around during the Ice Age they would have tried to stop the cooling so as to 'save' the planet. If they had, we'd have no, let me see now...Continental Divide?? 

There is little dissension among the folks that study this stuff that Global Warming IS happening, despite Rush Limbaugh making fun of the concept every time a cold day hits NYC.

There is still some argument whether it the trend is natural like the end of the last Ice Age, or is man-made. HOWEVER it looks like this warming trend is happening many times faster than any others in the geologic record. Combine that with the recent increase in CO2, and that makes kind of a smoking gun. IMHO a progress towards hydrogen based fuel systems (Thank you Strider ) where the only waste is water, makes lots of sense. Whether we reduce our CO2 emissions to try to reverse the Warming trend, or just to keep from fouling our own nests, it still seem like a good idea. Industry fought the concept of not fouling our waterways and our air. They will fight CO2 reduction. In the long run it will happen.

Whether natural, or man made, we are going to need to deal with Global Warming.

One misconception is that there will be a uniform temperature rise. 

This will NOT happen. As the energy in the atmosphere increases (i.e. the temp rises) the weather will become more extreme with increased instability in the weather patters. This may mean hotter summers, colder winters, drier droughts, wetter floods, and more frequent and more severe storms.

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