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[pct-l] RE: UK Ray's Video

>>A couple of questions for the Moaks: since I never had the chance to meet
UK Ray, can you tell me what is his line of work, or his background in
general prior to the hike. A professional speaker perhaps? Also, since I
understand you're almost out of stock on the tape, is there another source
where folks could order copies? <<
As Marshall mentioned, Ray's primary vocation is in teaching. He is also
very involved with the local theater group. He was president of the group
when we were hiking together. They bought the land and built the theater
that he is doing his talk in. The group puts on a number of presentations
ranging from dramas to musicals each season. They had just done Dracula
before Ray came out to hike with me in 2001.  Ray frequently directs, acts
or reworks scripts as needed.
Here's a bit of long and winding history of the tape. 
While wondering through the Marble Mountains one morning, Ray talked about a
2.5-hour performance he'd done the previous season describing his first
summer on the PCT. When I queried him somewhat puzzled on how he could talk
for 2.5 hours and hadn't walked past Echo Lake, he quickly shot back. 
"Hell man, I never got past Agua Dulce on my talk."

"At this rate it'll take you 10 years to talk your way up the PCT", I
I inquired as to the possible presence of a possible audio recording so I
might hear this long diatribe. Since we'd hiked the whole distance together,
I figured I might somehow need to defend my honor to the good people of his
shire. Sadly there was no recording.
"So next time", I said, "at least edit it down a tad and make a recording so
I can hear it!"
Some months after his arrival at Manning, this tape shows up on my doorstep.
Much to my surprise, instead of an audio tape he sent a full blown video of
the evenings discourse.
Several weeks later, I get an email from his daughter, who seems to be ever
on the search to get novel gifts for different occasions. She picked up on
his recent discovery of the joys of Almond Joy bars (mentioned in the tape).
Seeing that they don't seem to be available in the UK, she requested some
for Ray for a Christmas gift.
Feeling that since one case of bars is good, I figured two should be better.
Note, bars cheap, mailing expensive! As a payback, she offered to send a few
tapes over to share with some of Ray's newfound US friends.  Anyway do to
the high cost of making the tapes and shipping them oversees, we probably
won't be doing that again.
I'm going to be gone for the next 5 months, however if there is still some
interest when I get back, I'll look into getting a production copy of the
master so we can dup the tapes here. In the meantime, who knows, a case of
Almond Joy bars to Ray may get anyone interested in a tape a long way!

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