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[pct-l] Hello from Flyin' Brian

Hi all!

I just signed on to the list after being off during my hike.  I'd have 
rejoined earlier, but lately I've had more email than I have time to read.  
Thanks to all who sent congratulations.  My father and I tried to send a 
personal reply to every message.  Sorry if I missed someone, but it's been a 
hectic couple weeks since I got off the trails.

Today I also looked through the pct-l archive.  Wow!  Don't you guys have 
anybody else to talk about? ;-) But seriously, thanks to everyone who 
expressed an opinion about my hike, even those who criticized.  I value 
honest feedback.  Special thanks to Ron Moak, Jim and Ginny Owen, Tom 
Reynolds, Buzz Burrell, Mad Monte and the many others who defended me.  I 
appreciate that you who know me cared enough to set the record straight when 
I could not.

It's good to be back on the list and I look forward to puting in my two 
cents now and then.

Flyin' Brian Robinson
Calendar Triple Crown '01

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