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[pct-l] Grand Wisdom!!

 JoAnn is quite correct. Hike your own hike, use what works for you, don't 
listen to know it all's.     Now with that out of the way. It does a person 
well to heed the words of former thru-hikers. Folks like Lightning Bolt have 
very up to date info on this trails have's and have not's. You can still hike 
the trail " Old School" as Jerry Smith did this year. ( Same pack and gear as 
he used in 1976) Or new wave hiking like Flyin Brian or Lightling Bolt. I 
learned much from Dave( Walkon ) last year and am still learning. Gear is 
much improved and will continue to improve. The list offers much from several 
differnt angles and you will learn to time to see thru the BS and grab the 
good  tidbits. ( Even though my ways may seem perfect for all, it too maybe 
improved on) The main thing is use wine box bladders and arrow shaft pole!!! 
OUt of Here!!!!!!