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[pct-l] 1969 PCT

I was just going through my "map boxes" trying to find a state map of New
Mexico and found a folder marked Pacific Crest Trail.  In it was a general
booklet put out by Forest Serive titled "Backpacking in the National
Wilderness' (Revised 1971).  It is a real kick, especially the pictures.

I also found 3 foldout booklets produced by the FS - "Pacific Crest
National Scenic TRail- Washington", another one for Oregon.  They are very
well done and you could hike the trail with these, apart from the changes. 
There are section maps for the whole state, a state map, trail log ,
mileages and short description for each section between waypoints.  Two are
dated 1969, one is 1971 and looks the same but includes a map of the entire
trail on the back. Amounts to an 16 page booklet unfolded (9by 5 and a
half).  Too bad they don't put out a similar publication today( and it was
free then).