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[pct-l] Choosing a hiking dog

At 09:32 AM 11/12/01, 'Marion Davison'" <mardav@charter.net> wrote:
>   Can anyone recommend a breed or mix that loves to hike,
>can handle high elevations and distances of 10 to 18 miles per day, is a
>loyal and loving companion, not too hyper, and can get along with cats
>and llamas?

There are endless discussions of "what is the best breed for long distance" 
on the ultra running list.

You can access the archives at 

After reading all the posts on that list, I think I can safely say "it's 
the particular dog, not the breed"

Also dogs need training (just like us) to be able to go longer distances. I 
used to have a small cocka -poo (about 20#) that would happily run marathon 
distances with me in the mountains (as long as it was cool, or she has 
creeks to swim in).

Early in her life, before she was trained for distances,  she would start 
slowing and letting me know she had enough after only 5-6 miles. I started 
running longer distances when she was about a year old, and we both got fit 
together, so her mileage increased as mine did, and we had a happy running 

Brick Robbins

The only way to do it  --  is to do it.
--Merce Cunningham