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[pct-l] Choosing a hiking dog

I've heard once that someone may be specifically developing a breed of dog for long-distance haking.  Anyone out there have any info on that?

Quoting brick@webrooster.com:

> At 09:32 AM 11/12/01, 'Marion Davison'" <mardav@charter.net> wrote:
> >   Can anyone recommend a breed or mix that loves to hike,
> >can handle high elevations and distances of 10 to 18 miles per day, is
> a
> >loyal and loving companion, not too hyper, and can get along with
> cats
> >and llamas?
> There are endless discussions of "what is the best breed for long
> distance" 
> on the ultra running list.
> You can access the archives at 
> http://listserv.dartmouth.edu/archives/ultra.html
> After reading all the posts on that list, I think I can safely say "it's
> the particular dog, not the breed"
> Also dogs need training (just like us) to be able to go longer
> distances. I 
> used to have a small cocka -poo (about 20#) that would happily run
> marathon 
> distances with me in the mountains (as long as it was cool, or she has
> creeks to swim in).
> Early in her life, before she was trained for distances,  she would
> start 
> slowing and letting me know she had enough after only 5-6 miles. I
> started 
> running longer distances when she was about a year old, and we both got
> fit 
> together, so her mileage increased as mine did, and we had a happy
> running 
> relationship
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