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[pct-l] Trail Food

"bill blovis" <blovis@lycos.com> wrote:
>My body objects to that diet. What more can I say?

That's a head problem - has nothing to do with your body.

>And I find it really interesting that you personally attack me -- calling 
>me a "non-thruhiker," which must be the most extreme sort of 
>excommunication on this list -- and then go to accuse me of being unwilling 
>to learn.

No attack - just a simple statement of fact.  You're welcome to take it as 
an attack if you like, but that's your problem - not mine.

So far, you've shown a great willingness to argue - I've yet to see any 
indication that you're here to learn anything.  I'd welcome any evidence to 
the contrary.

>I post my experience, you post yours. Isn't that the point?

Your viewpoint, your experience - don't seem to be consistent with anything 
that even resembles thruhiking - or long-distance hiking - or support for 
the PCT.  If I'm wrong, please point out my error.

As for experience - what experience do you have with long distance hiking?  
In this context "long distance hiking" could mean any hiking for 60 days or 
more - anywhere in the world. If you have any such experience, I think a 
number of us would be interested in hearing about it.

If you haven't done any such thing, are you willing to learn about it - or 
do you just want to argue about something that you don't know anything 

>I could posit that you've gone insane from eating too many candy bars, but 
>I won't.

Once again, you tell the world of your lack of experience with long distance 
hiking.  ALL long distance hikers - and thruhikers in particular - ARE 
insane.  That's a given.  Has nothing whatever to do with candy bars.

Walk softly,

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