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[pct-l] Trail Food

You made a number of provocative statements.

I like this one:

>Your viewpoint, your experience - don't 
>seem to be consistent with anything that 
>even resembles thruhiking.

Isn't the whole point of this list to compare
different viewpoints on thruhiking? Here's my
experience. You can call it "non-thruhiking,"
if that makes you feel better. 

Wait, I have an idea. Why doesn't everyone 
attach a little mileage meter to the bottom of 
their postings? That way, people who really
care whether you hiked 2000 miles vs 5000 miles
vs 15000 miles will be able to disregard the
right information.

This is my favorite:

>In this context "long distance hiking" 
>could mean any hiking for 60 days or 
>more - anywhere in the world. If you 
>have any such experience, I think a 
>number of us would be interested in 
>hearing about it.

Can I ask you if you honestly believe that I'd
fill my inbox with this list if I hadn't hiked
for "60 days or more?" 

PCT hikers are cool, but I don't think we should
start expecting groupies anytime soon.

But if I were a groupie, I'm sure I'd believe 
everything you say, "Jim Owen," if that makes 
you feel any better. Otherwise, I think we
should conduct our disagreements off the list.