Resources for Piecewise Hiking

Through hiker information

Through hikers have several critical sources of information:

Day hikers and section hikers need all of these too. So this website won't duplicate information you can find there.

Day and section hiker information

The two volumes of Day Hikes on the Pacific Crest Trail by George & Patricia Semb have been the key references for persons wanting to hike the PCNST with short hikes. They cover all the trail that is feasible for most non-through hikers using conventional passenger cars. The data is remarkably accurate considering that the books were published in the year 2000. Long out of print, they still seem to be available on Amazon. Up to now, these have been the only comprehensive guides to dayhiking the trail.

The Mountaineers have just started publishing a series of guidebooks covering dayhikes and short backpacks. The Washington volume is a beautiful heavy full cover work suitable for any coffee table, but you probably wouldn't carry it in your pack. It covers the whole PCT in sections, but it doesn't seem to cover the dayhiker access roads the way the Semb books do. You will still need the Semb books.

Then there are volumes covering highlights of the trail in various places. They don't intend to be comprehensive and don't replace the Semb books:

Other resources you need to know about:

This is where YOU come in

In the other parts of this website I try to share what I have observed at various times and places. I have not been at all times in all places. So I welcome additional information from people who have been there since the last time I was there.

What additional information? Not anything that is available in the resources mentioned above. But more current information on factors that aren't mentioned much in those resources -

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