Updates to Semb Books

The two volumes of Day Hikes on the Pacific Crest Trail by George & Patricia Semb have been the key references for persons wanting to hike the PCNST with short hikes. They cover all the trail that is feasible for most non-through hikers using conventional passenger cars. The data is remarkably accurate considering that the books were published in the year 2000. However things do change and I will attempt to record updates that are pertinent to short distance hikers. Please report updates that you think are pertinent.

There's no point repeating information that is correct and in the Semb books, which though out of print, seem to be available new or used from Amazon.
hikes 2 and 3
WP map F6
Jawbone Canyon Rd - Geringer Grade
Jawbone Canyon Road had deteriorated in recent years, but on June 23, 2017, was completely passable in an ordinary car and is now in better shape than Bird Spring Canyon Road.
It's possible to park at a junction with a side road to the east, just south of the junction to Mace Meadow. That side road goes down to a nice campsite and good spring just above the PCT, but it is 4WD only.
hike 2
WP map I10
Leavitt Lake Rd
In 2001 and 2005 I was able to travel the road from Hwy 108 to Leavitt Lake in an ordinary 4WD SUV (Ford Explorer). However by 2014 the road had deteriorated and required extreme care with really high clearance off-road vehicles. I saw nothing like a passenger vehicle at Leavitt Lake, only large heavy duty pickup trucks. It looks possible to drive a passenger vehicle some fraction of a mile in from Hwy 108. But be careful as parking options are limited and backing out tricky.
hike 1
WP map F2
Mt Washington Wilderness Trailhead
The Sembs recommend a 17 mile hike from McKenzie Pass to Santiam Pass, and though it's not high altitude or extremely steep, it's pretty tiring due to volcanic rocky trails. One might shorten it 4 miles by using the Santiam Wagon Road, Forest Road #500, which is a good gravel road leaving from the paved road to Big Lake Camp, which leaves Hwy 20 just west of the PCT trailhead at Santiam Pass.