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[pct-l] Non-stick pots

>>"William M. Stenzel" <manjovin@jps.net>
>>    "First, I'm interested in buying ONE non-stick pot (Evolution or so).
They always >>seem to come in pairs. Does anyone know where I can get such
an item."

I purchased a small non-stick saucepan at a local supermarket.  I then
drilled several holes into the plastic handle and the knob on the pot's lid
to lighten things up a bit.  The pan is about 6" in diameter and 2 1/2"
deep, which is just the right size for me (one person).  It is shallow
enough that it can also be used conveniently as a frying pan.  Total weight
(pan and lid) is 250 grams.  This is heavier than titanium of course, but it
is so much cheaper it's almost free!  The aluminum cooks a lot better than
titanium or stainless steel.  The attached handle never gets lost.  The
designed lid conserves water since the condensed steam gos back into the
pan, not down the ouside like a lot of backpacking designs.

Any piece of gear is a compromise.  IMHO extreme light-weight brings just
too many undesireble trade-offs, but of course your milage will vary.

. . . Kurt

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