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[pct-l] News from the Trail: Goforth

Joanne "Goforth" Lennox is sending me reports of her thru-hike for me to
post here with news about trail conditions for this year's hikers and a
glimpse of our beloved PCT for the rest of us.

Karen Elder


Warner Springs
10 am

Dear Folks -
    Laguna to Warner Springs was hard - but still averaging 20 miles/day. No
blisters, feet + body ache however.
    No water until GATR [EATR? 6ATR? -can't quite figure this out, but maybe
you guys will know what she's talking about -- Karen] road - green pump
    Pioneer Mail - No water
    The many branches of Oriflamme Creek - no water
    Mason Valley road - water from concrete tank - need siphon to get water.
Lift metal top on masonry "chimney", unscrew cap, turn on valve, some muddy
water spills over, then clear. Siphon over chimney into water bottles (can
do without spilling water by alternately opening + closing valve.)
    Chariot Canyon -dry
    Rodriquez Canyon - dry
    Scissors Canyon - fast flowing + clear
    Barrel Springs - flowing + clear
    San Isidro Creek - flowing, turbid, contaminated
    I think the guy that set up the San Felipe Hills traverse was a
masochist! I was in a very bad mood when set upon by bicyclists, one with a
gun. They got a lot of verbal abuse. My mood worsened when I encountered a
second cycling party. Both parties knew that bicycles were not allowed. It
took me 13 hours to do the 24 miles + got to Barrel Springs in the dark at
7:30 - I located the pipe by following the frogs. Flying squirrels are very
active + vocal here (they sound like a cross between a hissing banshee +
bats). Couldn't figure until I saw their shadows criss-crossing the ground
in the moonlight.
    Highly recommend *not* doing the San Felipe hills in one day - do the 8+
miles to a dry sandy wash one day + finish the next (take loads of water).
    Barrel Springs to Warner here was all fog - got chased by a herd of cows
(~ 30). I would wave my trekking poles + practice my martial arts ki-ai.
They would come thundering at me at a gallop - the screaming + waving would
stop them. I don't think they meant harm, but seeing them run into each
other did not generate confidence that they were motivated to put the brakes
on. Thought it would go on forever - lasted about 20' .
    I find it difficult to do more than about 2 miles/hour - even downhill.
    Thanks for the kind words - what a surprise.
    I am trying to get to Mojave by April 22, where I will be picked up for
a wedding by my husband, + will take a 3-week break.

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