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Re: [pct-l] News from the Trail: Goforth

Joanne "Goforth" Lennox is sending me reports of her thru-hike for me to
post here with news about trail conditions for this year's hikers and a
glimpse of our beloved PCT for the rest of us.

Karen Elder


March 23, 1999
Laguna P.O.

Dear Folks,

    So far all water sources are flowing strong and clear - including Fred's
Canyon which is described as "usually dry" - here in the semidarkness wilst
filling my platy I was approached by 3 illegals - they kept repeating a
strange phrase (I know some Spanish). I was freaked so much for "they will
just run the other way if they see you"!
    I beat up the chamisa-choked trail trying to find any open place for a
camp removed from the trail. After a few bush-wacks, I found an open spot. 3
AM a throaty truck pulled to a stop yards from my camp (oh no!), slammed the
door, & it was quiet. An hour later another truck coming from another
direction did the same - this one had its lights on + left the motor
running - so I felt I could rustle about in my bag + take a look. It
suddenly occurred to me that the phrase the illegals were repeating must
have been their code for their pickup. I didn't sleep much, determined to
pack quietly with the least showing of light - I was out at 5:30 - there was
a Border Patrol truck + I had camped almost at the intersection of 2 roads +
the trail.
    It has been very *COLD* at night and today I still had all my layers on
at 11 AM - cold, clear, + windy - I never did really warm up. Frozen water
bottles + frost every night.
    These places are very beautiful - more than I could have imagined.
Kitchen Creek with its clear rocky pools, The Piney Woods of the Lagunas,
the grassy oak groves. I love it!
    No blisters, feet still the same size!


PS climbed 2 peaks today

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