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[pct-l] lightweight tents and packs

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I'm in the market for a quality internal frame pack for general lightweight use and for a possible future thru-hike.  Research so far has turned up little in the sub 4 pound category.  Any ideas?  What's everybody using?  Or what generally works well for an ultra-light extended trip?

I'm a bit in the same fix for a tent as well.  Yes, I'm pretty much restocking my gear.  Trying to get some quality stuff.  I'm 6'5", 48 years old (ugggh), so I have a concern for tent length as well as weight.  I realize there are other options besides tents, but I'm curious to know what brands/models have stood the test of time in thru-hike conditions.

One other thing, while I have the floor.  What's best on a thru hike,  a good down bag with its lighter weight, or a quality synthetic to use in the wetter areas?  I think a question similar to this arose earlier, but I must have missed the response.

Thanks in advance.   This list makes my day.  I wish I was out there with all you guys and gals.  Maybe in 01, if everything works out.


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